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The lost art of Santiago Bell: Crowdfunding


Santiago Bell was a Chilean sculptor who left Chile for the UK in 1975 as a political refugee after the violent military coup led by Augusto Pinochet two years earlier.

An Art Teacher, Socialist, Politician, Sculptor, Christian and Activist, Santiago created communities simply by generating a space for people to work, talk and release their talents.

Santiago was one of 28,000 political prisoners arrested, imprisoned, and tortured shortly after the military takeover. Thanks to efforts by solidarity groups in the UK, Amnesty International and due to his British heritage, Santiago was released in 1975.

Many thousands of people in his position were murdered or ‘disappeared’

“Either they shot you or they tried to kill you slowly. They tried to kill me slowly, by beatings and torture and madness in solitary confinement. Ten of my ribs were broken and didn’t set properly. My kidneys don’t work well because of the beatings. People say this has made me wise. Well, I would rather be stupid and not have had the lesson. I learnt things, but they were all dark things”

Santiago Bell


Christopher Bell, the grandson of Santiago Bell, raised in Cambridge the city he first arrived in back in 1975; and coordinator of the crowdfunding initiative, says “After he passed away in 2005, we were left with an extraordinary body of work. In our journey to salvage these amazing sculptures, we have come to realise that they are more than just pieces of art but tools that Santiago used to change lives. Since 2005, the work has fallen into disrepair, having been stored in garages, living rooms and attics”.

  “Much of the work is damaged, has parts missing or is missing altogether. We need proper funding to get a decent work space and assign the right people to bring the work back to life. With the funding, we would also arrange the shipping of the missing sculptures.”

” Christopher concludes “We need your help, to first and foremost help us to preserve these great works of art and the story and message behind them”.




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Ex-Chilean army general who led former dictator Augusto Pinochet’s ‘Caravan of Death’, dies.

StarkSergio Arellano Stark, ex-Chilean army general who led former dictator Augusto Pinochet’s Caravan of Death, dies –at his home- at age 94.
Arellano Stark led the military killing unit to impose “uniform criteria in the administration of justice to prisoners”.
The Caravan of Death, travelled from town to town in a Puma helicopter, armed with grenades, machine guns and knives, killing opponents of the coup.
The Caravan of Death landed in 16 towns in the north and south of Chile and killed 97 political prisoners between 30 September and 22 October 1973, according to figures compiled by the NGO Memory and Justice.

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Protegido: Los casos de Los Archivos del Cardenal

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Libres los Asesinos de Gaston Vidurrazaga y Felipe Rivera

El 13 de agosto de 2009, transcurridos 23 años de uno de los episodios criminales más atroces del repertorio de dictadura, los ministros de la Corte Suprema Nibaldo Segura, Jaime Rodríguez, Rubén Ballesteros, Juan Araya y Carlos Künsemüller rebajaron en forma considerable las sentencias de Alvaro Corbalán y otros agentes de la CNI que ejecutaron al periodista José Carrasco Tapia y al publicista Abraham Muskatblit Eidelstein. Al mismo tiempo dejaron en libertad condicional a los autores de las ejecuciones del profesor y artista plástico Gastón Vidaurrázaga Manríquez y del electricista Felipe Rivera Gajardo.

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