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The Other 9/11 : Vigil at the Town Hall, and Homage to People Killed and Disappeared

The Vigil: Tuesday 11th September, from 12.00 to 13.00 at Town Hall Steps S1

Followed by

Homage to People Killed and Disappeared, 

2.00pm at The Millennium Gallery S1 2PP (next to the Winter Garden)

  • Chile45YearsOn: Images of the Military Coup, Dictatorship and Exile exhibition


  • Musical Homage: Francisco Carrasco, Oscar Carrasco and Estibaliz Moure Abad from OL Productions, Liverpool.

Neither Forget Nor Forgive! ¡Ni Olvido Ni Perdon!



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Vigil in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the military coup. Sheffield.

Tuesday 11th September from 12:00 to 13:00

Sheffield Town Hall steps.




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Detention centres in Chile under Pinochet: free arpillera workshop and exhibition.


The exhibition of patchwork “arpilleras” and the  Arpillera  Workshop (Free)*, facilitated by Maria Alicia Salinas Farfan, will take place on Wednesday 5th September from 1.00-3.30pm at The Millennium Gallery (Please, register for the workshop) The arpilleras will be on display throughout the day.

Arpilleras are a traditional form of textile art using “burlap” (disused flour sacks made from cheap cotton) and embroidery techniques to tell a story. Arpilleras were made throughout the dictatorship to record events during the height of the repression. They were smuggled out of Chile and sold to support the families of the disappeared prisoners or those who were detained.

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Protegido: Conversación con Javier Rebolledo (La Trilogía de los Cuervos), en Londres

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Protegido: Estudio revela que 76 son los agentes de la dictadura de Pinochet condenados por violaciones a DDHH. ¿Y qué pasa con los otros?

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“Chile, a la sombra de las espadas”

A los 16 días del golpe militar…

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Orlando Letelier: Murdered in central Washington DC

By Louise Hidalgo, BBC World Service, 21.09.11

Exactly 35 years ago, an audacious assassination occurred just a stone’s throw from the White House. Orlando Letelier, a former Chilean government minister, was murdered when his car exploded in Washington DC’s embassy district.

Letelier was foreign minister in the cabinet of Chile’s first Socialist president, Salvador Allende. But when the government was overthrown in Augusto Pinochet’s military coup in 1973, Letelier was one of the first to be arrested.

He spent a year as a prisoner in various concentration camps, including the infamous Dawson Island, until diplomatic pressure from Venezuela prompted his release.

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