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Pedido: ‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’.


artesaniaPPEstimados Cros/as, nuestra organización, junto con  ExPPs en UK, ha decidido cooperar en la construcción de la iniciativa de la  Dra. Jasmine Gideon*, ‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’.

Se trata de una exhibición centrada en objetos y muestras de trabajos hechos por presos/as  políticas en los campos de concentración y en las cárceles de la Dictadura que tendrá lugar en Londres en una fecha próxima a confirmar.

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Festival Víctor Jara: Gales, GB.


Más información sobre el festival en El Sueño Existe

Cuba Solidarity Campaign Public Meeting in Sheffield. Tuesday 14th March.

Cuba’s University of the Third Age: Building social integration and self-esteem
With Professor Teresa Oroza Fraíz, President of Cuba’s U3A
Tuesday 14th March at The Central United Reformed Church, 6o Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB. At 7.30pm.
Join us for a discussion with Prof.Tete Orosa of the University of Havana’s Faculty of Psychology. Professor Orosa is also a member of the Cuban Government’s National Advisory Council on Third Age issues. This will be a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the development of U3A in Cuba.
We look forward to seeing you there and hope that you will share this information and attachment on our behalf.
In solidarity,

Oaxaca: Peña Nieto reprime para imponer reformas educacionales. Saldo hasta ahora, seis muertos y 94 heridos

1057070“Maestro, aguanta, el pueblo se levanta”, fue el grito que se escuchó repetidamente en Asunción Nochixtlán, San Pablo Huitzo y en la capital del estado, donde pobladores de varias localidades acudieron al llamado de auxilio de los profesores de la sección 22 de la Coordinadora Nacional de los Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE), grito de socorro que ni los disparos efectuados por elementos policiacos pudieron acallar.

Enrique Peña Nieto y La doctrina neoliberal en la educación. La protesta estaba organizada como parte del  movimiento nacional en contra de la implementación de las políticas neoliberales de Enrique Peña Nieto en la educación nacional, y se exige  la cancelación de la reforma educativa, que consideran lesiva a sus derechos como docentes y absolutamente regresiva para la educación en México.

Los profesores demandan entre otras: abrogación de la Reforma Educativa, una Subsecretaría de Educación indígena,  homologación salarial, la cancelación de los artículos 7 y 73 de manera inmediata porque tienden el puente para que la educación se privatice y les quitan derechos como maestros.

Sigue la noticia:ClZD-JuXEAArUTL

“La gente habla de seis muertos”

Más información sobre la Resistencia magisterial

Sigue las noticias de Asuncion Nochixtlan Oaxaca


Firma la petición contra la represión AQUÍ


Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign future events

Here are details of where you can find us in the next few months. We hope to raise money for the national campaign, to bring the Miami Five to the UK, over the summer. Avery exciting prospect!
Monday 2nd May: Stall at Chesterfield May Day Gala . Chesterfield Market Place.

Thursday 5th May: Book launch for  ‘Imperialism in the Twenty First Century’, a book written by CSC member John Smith. The United Reformed Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1  The book has received excellent reviews and the evening will be taken up with examining some of the book’s central themes – Globalisation, Super Exploitation and Capitalism’s Final Crisis. Doors open at 7pm for drinks, followed by discussion.

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Lessons from Chile: Intervention and destabilisation in Venezuela

unnamedFriday 27th March, 7pm, University of Bradford: main Richmond Building room E59. Doors open 6.30pm. BD7 1DP
A very special opportunity to hear about what’s happening in Venezuela, with Marcos Garcia, Venezuelan Embassy, formerly a Venezuelan diplomat in Washington and trade union leader, and Dr. Francisco Dominguez, political refugee from the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, head of Latin American Studies at Middlesex University, and co-author of ‘Right Wing Politics in the New Latin America.
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Chile Files Lawsuit Against Israeli Prime Minister, Accuses Israel of Crimes Against Humanity

article-2296295-18CE233C000005DC-49_634x734Telesur, 23.08.4014. By Global Research News, Hugo Gutierrez
On Friday, Chilean congressman Hugo Gutierrez (Communist Party) filed a lawsuit against the Israeli Prime Minister for “crimes against humanity”. He was accompanied by the Palestinian Federation of Chile.
The congressman noted that various international organizations, such as the United Nations, have already described the Israeli attacks as “crimes against humanity”.
No one should be able to commit crimes against humanity without believing that they could be judged for them, he argued. “Thats why I find myself invoking the principle of universal jurisdiction in regard with these crimes,” he explained.

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