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‘We Touched the Sky’: the new online educational resource, freely available here, shortly

copy-Chile-40-Years-On-LogoSmall1Learn about the Chilean experience, via video interviews with exiled Chileans living in Britain. They tell their life stories, from their initial inspiration as Allende and Popular Unity came to power in 1970, the extraordinary achievements they were part of, and their personal experiences in the run-up to, and on the day of the military coup (Sept 11th 1973) and its aftermath.

Four Chileans with widely different experiences tell of the euphoria of being part of huge social advances, the repression they suffered, the solidarity they received, and their arrival in Britain to make new lives as exiles and activists.

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Launch of the ‘Chilean Exiles and World University Service (WUS)’ project. Coventry

The journey of our lives.

Special Poetry Reading and Film Screening

The University of Warwick is pleased to invite you to a special evening of poetry and film to mark the launch of the project ‘Chilean Exiles and World University Service (WUS)’  on 25 May 2017 at 18.00 in the Warwick Arts Centre cinema.

Actress Julie Christie (Dr Zhivago, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and Film Festival Director Rosa Bosch will read poems by Pablo Neruda and Nicolás Guillén.

Journalist and forensic expert Duncan Campbell will introduce the film Cold Harbour (Stephen Frears, 1978). It tells the story of Tina, who is stranded in a new country and is in need of refuge and friends. She gets help, but events do not turn out quite as expected. Responding to the arrival of refugees from the Pinochet coup in Chile this is one of Frears’ (My Beautiful Laundrette, Florence Foster Jenkins) earliest films.

For complimentary tickets, please email [email protected].

Do please circulate this invitation to anyone who may have an interest in the project or topic.




Image: Detail from ‘The Journey of our lives’ patchwork. Grupo Andes, ChileScda.


Save the Mural!: Open letter to Aidan Grills, CEO Leeds University Union

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Dear Aidan Grills

Chief Exec of Leeds University Union

We are writing to you on behalf of the Leeds Chilean Community and the Chilean Community Association  South Yorkshire (ChileScda) after we heard about the ‘Union Upgrade Project’ taking place at the Student Union Building, specifically the area where a Chilean mural has been for the last 42 years.

This mural came into gaining such an important place in the Union as it is a very emotive piece which reflects the history and lives of many Leeds residents who came to this city after a very horrific time in Chile, South America.

In 1973 the democratic government led by President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a military junta headed by General Augusto Pinochet. The consequences of this military coup resulted in thousands of people murdered, tortured, disappeared and exiled.

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URGENTE: Petición de Familiares Víctimas Crímenes de Lesa Humanidad


Familiares de Víctimas de Crímenes de Lesa Humanidad, están recolectando firmas para presentarlas al Congreso Nacional para que se acuse Constitucionalmente al Pleno de Ministros de la Corte Suprema por incurrir en serio abandono de deberes -inciso segundo del Artículo 5º de la Constitución Chilena- al no efectuar el reconocer la jurisdicción superior que tiene la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos.


Ésta establece la improcedencia de otorgar beneficios de libertad condicional y salida a criminales de lesa humanidad.

Enviar el RUT y nombre completo, para el día Jueves 6 de Abril 2017 a más tardar a las 15.00 hora chilena:

                             Jimmy Bell:  [email protected] 

Symposium: ‘Absence, presence, embodiment’. Aberystwyth, Wales




The symposium includes:

The Footprints of Memory: Searching for Mexico’s Disappeared exhibition,

Ty Celf/The Art House, Maes Lowri /Laura Place, Aberystwyth

Footprints of Memory Workshop and discussion of exhibition:

Alfredo López Casanova, Artist, Mexico City; María de Jesús Tlatempa Bello,

Mother of one of the 43 Ayotzinapa Students (Chair: Danielle House)


 Full programme



Pedido: ‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’.


artesaniaPPEstimados Cros/as, nuestra organización, junto con  ExPPs en UK, ha decidido cooperar en la construcción de la iniciativa de la  Dra. Jasmine Gideon*, ‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’.

Se trata de una exhibición centrada en objetos y muestras de trabajos hechos por presos/as  políticas en los campos de concentración y en las cárceles de la Dictadura que tendrá lugar en Londres en una fecha próxima a confirmar.

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Festival Víctor Jara: Gales, GB.


Más información sobre el festival en El Sueño Existe

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