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Rob Jones RIP

RobJonesRIPWe at ChileScda were very saddened to learn about Rob Jones passing.  He was very supportive to all Chilean refugees that came to live in Sheffield fleeing Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Rob will be always remembered by our community for his passion and solidarity in denouncing the human rights atrocities of Pinochet’s dictatorship and also for opening his family doors to our compañera Silvia Parra (RIP).

We offer our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to Rob’s family, and to all his colleagues and friends in this difficult time.

Rob will be sorely missed.

Compañero Rob Jones, ¡Presente!, ¡Ahora y Siempre!

Pedro Fuentes

Chilean Community, South Yorkshire (ChileScda)


Why are so many Iranians forced to become refugees? Public meeting, Sheffield.

Public meeting Thursday 2nd November 6-8pm
  • Yassmanie Mather (Critique Journal )
  • Raha Bareini (Amnesty International)
  • with songs from Arash Sabet (Singer-Songwriter)

and time for questions and discussion


University of Sheffield, Arts Tower, Lecture Theatre 5 S10 2TN

Free entry, all supporters of refugee rights welcome Read the rest of this entry »

Crafting Resistance exhibition: The art of Chilean Political Prisoners. Warwick.


30th October – 17th November. Launch Event: 30th October, 16.30

 Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry.

(Opening hours: Mon & Tues 9.00-17.00; Wed & Thrs 9.00 – 19.00; Fri 9.00 – 16.00)

During the military dictatorship of General Pinochet in Chile (1973-1990) thousands of political prisoners were held in concentration camps throughout the country. In most jails and ‘concentration camps’, prisoners organised themselves and crafted items from the very limited materials and improvised tools. The Crafting Resistance exhibition  brings together a collection of these artefacts, a testimony to the mental endurance of all those who were political prisoners under Pinochet regime.

*Mural at 3,4 Alamos, one of the concentration camps of Pinochet’s dictatorship, made by muralist Ian ‘Ekeko’ Pierce.

Launch of new Palestine Children’s Trauma Centre in Gaza. Sheffield

ChldrnGazzaThe Lord Mayor of Sheffield will be launching a new Children’s Trauma Centre in Gaza, Palestine – please come and hear more about it:

19:00, Reception Room, Town Hall:  Wednesday 18 October

Khuza’a is a town in the south of the Gaza Strip on the eastern border with Israel.  Khuza’a was one of three areas which suffered a great deal during the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Operation ‘Protective Edge’ lasted for 51 days and resulted in the killing of more than 2000 Palestinians, 11,000 injured, one third of them with permeant disability, and the destruction of more than 18,000 Palestinian homes.  Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Michie QEPD

Bill Michie

Funeral: Viernes 20 de Octubre 13.30 en Upper Chapel,

Unitarian Chapel, Sheffield City Centre. 45 Surrey Street, S1 2LG

Queremos dar a conocer a nuestra comunidad y amigos el sensible fallecimiento del Cro Bill Michie, acaecido el día viernes 22 de Septiembre en el Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

Bill Michie, Consejal del Partido Laborista por Heeley, durante el tiempo que Sheffield fue conocida como la Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, fue un luchador incansable por los derechos humanos y en la denuncia de la represión de la dictadura en nuestro país.

Durante su periodo como Consejal (1970-84) Bill Michie tomó la decisión en el Día del Trabajo de izar la Red Flag en el Town Hall él mismo después que funcionarios rehusaran hacerlo! Más tarde los tabloides lo llamarían “El Tercer Hombre Más Peligroso en Gran Bretaña”  –junto con el otro rebelde, J Corlbyn- por su abierta defensa de las políticas de izquierda.

Fue elegido Miembro del Parlamento en 1983 donde representó a Heeley hasta 2001.

Él y su compañera Judith, fallecida el año pasado, abrieron las puertas de su casa a una de nuestras compañeras a quien apoyaron hasta su vuelta a Chile.

Desde aquí hacemos llegar nuestras más sentidas condolencias a su familia.

Compañero Bill Michie ¡Presente, Ahora y Siempre!

Pedro Fuentes


Aparición con vida de Santiago Maldonado!


NUNCA MÁS! On the 44th Aniversary Military Coup in Chile. Sheffield.



¡Nunca Más! Never again!

Please join us to commemorate the victims of Pinochet’s dictatorship
Saturday 9th Septembre 2017, 11.45 to 13.00
Sheffield Town Hall steps


Nunca Más (2)c

Vigil on the 44th aniversary of the military coup in Chile to commemorate the overthrown of Salvador Allende’s government and people killed by the military dictatorship of Pinochet.

Sheffield Town Hall Steps, Saturday 9th September from 11:45 to 13:00



On this day we will also be thinking  of our Compañeras and friends of the community,

Pat Barron and Joan Brown

who have sadly left us, recently.

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