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Completada en Sheffield en apoyo al proyecto Insomnia de Valparaíso

Completada en la casa del Berna & Ester, Domingo 2 de Julio desde las 13.00 hasta tarde! Dire: 17 Phillimore Rd, Darnall, S9 5EB SuprerTram Medowhall, Estación Arena. 19424291_10155177429147819_5013058009906024635_n

ESTE Domingo 2 de Julio se realizará la completada en beneficio del proyecto Insomnia Alternativa de Cine de Valparaíso, una sala de cine independiente, y sin fines de lucro, que exhibe películas en el Teatro Condell de Valparaíso. El proyecto sufrió un robo del equipo de sonido y proyección, de un valor de 10 millones de $ chilenos, en el mes de abril recién pasado. En este proyecto participa activamente nuestro amigo y ex estudiante de la Universidad de Sheffield, Alejandro Torres.  Alejandro, como casi la totalidad de los estudiantes becados chilenos, compartió con nosotros durante el año que duró su Magister en dicha universidad.

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‘Momentos’. A theatre play about the personal journey of 3 Chilean political refugees. Liverpool

HO DocAt the Unity theatre. Liverpool

Dates: Thu 6 – Fri 7 Jul
Times: 8:00pm
Prices: £10 | £8 Conc
Charges: 50p card transaction | £1 postage

Online booking: Here

Venue: Unity One

Ana’s husband was taken by security forces and became one of the disappeared; she lives a life between reality and fantasy which he inhabits with her. Pedro was arrested in 1973 and taken to a concentration camp in the north of Chile; his journey to retrace his past and face his demons takes him back to the place, where he was incarcerated. Miguel came as a young boy with his parents; he reconnects with his roots as an adult and questions his identity as he struggles between his adopted country and the place of his birth. This is a powerful representation of a deeply moving story that takes you on a journey of struggle, hope, fear and determination, highlighting critical moments that changed a nation.

Written by Francisco Carrasco; this new theatre piece incorporates theatre, storytelling, live music, movement and multi-media as well as songs from the Chilean popular song movement of the time.

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‘We touched the sky‘ . Learn about the Chilean experience, via video interviews with exiled Chileans living in Britain.

Estado de la gestión de rescate del mural en la Leeds Student Union (actualizado 08.06.2017)

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El día 6 abril Mario Álvarez Fuentes, estudiante PhD en la Uni de Leeds descubre el mural que había permanecido oculto tras paneles cerca de 30 años.

Los planos de remodelación de la Student Union indicaban que en dicho espacio se construirían oficinas por lo que es mural se volvería a cubrir después de asegurar en ella un tabique divisorio. Las perforaciones en la esquina superior derecha sobre la figura de la mujer trabajadora, se habían hecho para acomodar unos ductos de ventilación.

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Unacknowledged Voices: Arts & Crafts as Political Knowledge Archives. Wales


How can arts and crafts contribute to our understanding of politics?

 Workshop, Friday 12 May – Saturday 13 May 2017

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

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Launch of the ‘Chilean Exiles and World University Service (WUS)’ project. Coventry

The journey of our lives.

Special Poetry Reading and Film Screening

The University of Warwick is pleased to invite you to a special evening of poetry and film to mark the launch of the project ‘Chilean Exiles and World University Service (WUS)’  on 25 May 2017 at 18.00 in the Warwick Arts Centre cinema.

Actress Julie Christie (Dr Zhivago, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and Film Festival Director Rosa Bosch will read poems by Pablo Neruda and Nicolás Guillén.

Journalist and forensic expert Duncan Campbell will introduce the film Cold Harbour (Stephen Frears, 1978). It tells the story of Tina, who is stranded in a new country and is in need of refuge and friends. She gets help, but events do not turn out quite as expected. Responding to the arrival of refugees from the Pinochet coup in Chile this is one of Frears’ (My Beautiful Laundrette, Florence Foster Jenkins) earliest films.

For complimentary tickets, please email [email protected].

Do please circulate this invitation to anyone who may have an interest in the project or topic.




Image: Detail from ‘The Journey of our lives’ patchwork. Grupo Andes, ChileScda.


Chilean Mural at Leeds University: “Uncovering a Chilean Mural”

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Aidan Grills’ (CEO, LUU) statement on the future of the Mural/Memorial.

Yesterday [Wedenesday 12.04.2017] I had the pleasure of meeting with some members of the Leeds Chilean Community and Chilean Community Association, South Yorkshire about the possibility of preserving a mural uncovered in our building. The piece of political art was found after contractors removed our old Terrace kitchen as part of our current Union Upgrade project.

As a result of this meeting and all the messages I have received from members of the public, I am happy to announce that I will be working closely with the University to ensure this mural is restored and displayed once again in our Union.

I was moved by the history and significance of the artwork that we’ve unknowingly had in our building for the last 42 years. The mural represents our support given to Chilean refugees in the 1970s – something I am very proud to now be a part of preserving.

I have instructed the contractors not to progress any further work around the wall and will be working closely with the Leeds Chilean Community and the Chilean Community Association to ensure we restore the artwork in the most respectful way possible.

I look forward to being able to celebrate this piece of political art further and will provide more information as the project progresses.

Aidan Grills

Chief Executive

Leeds University Union


Save the Mural!: Open letter to Aidan Grills, CEO Leeds University Union

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Dear Aidan Grills

Chief Exec of Leeds University Union

We are writing to you on behalf of the Leeds Chilean Community and the Chilean Community Association  South Yorkshire (ChileScda) after we heard about the ‘Union Upgrade Project’ taking place at the Student Union Building, specifically the area where a Chilean mural has been for the last 42 years.

This mural came into gaining such an important place in the Union as it is a very emotive piece which reflects the history and lives of many Leeds residents who came to this city after a very horrific time in Chile, South America.

In 1973 the democratic government led by President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a military junta headed by General Augusto Pinochet. The consequences of this military coup resulted in thousands of people murdered, tortured, disappeared and exiled.

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