The New Website

Why a new website?

The Chile SCDA website has undergone a complete re-development. This is for a number of reasons, the most important of which is website security. Although security was the final turning point, we had been discussing the idea of a more interactive website with a new look for sometime. The old website, developed in 2006, had been around for a while and was running on a good-at-the-time content management system (CMS): Mambo. The old system was maliciously hacked due to a vulnerability in it’s sitemap generator toward the end of July 2009. Thankfully, no data was lost. It became obvious however that the CMS needed updating, the decision was made to move to WordPress and the new site was launched on Sunday 30th August 2009. All the original articles have been imported, so if you are looking for an old article try the search box in the top right.

What’s new?

Obviously, the design has changed. This was mainly a result of moving to a completely different system. The old header banner is still visible, to provide some continuity with the old design. Users with larger monitors will notice the new design is wider, too. Content should generally be more readable, as the contrast is now less harsh than the old black-on-white text. Note: users can increase the text size of most websites (including this one) by holding the keyboard ‘Ctrl’ and pressing either ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to respectively increase or decrease text size.

Here is a list of the new features:

Here is a list of features that were present on the old website but that have been improved:

  • Photo gallery (slide shows available for each album, powered by Flickr)
  • Events (upcoming events show on every page, powered by Google Calendar)
  • Page not found errors (alternate links suggested, Google search box for provided)

Future development possibilities:

  • Community article submission
  • Advertising
  • Recipe section

Where is the old website?

You can still access the old website, however it will no longer be updated with new articles.

So, what do you think?

Would you like to see a new feature? Do you miss something from the old website? Any complaints? Praise?

If you’d like to comment about the new website, please do so below:

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  • #1 by philomena sim on Septiembre 13th, 2015


    is there any events or celebrations planned in sheffield or the surrounding area to celebrate chilean independance day next weekend

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