E-mail Subscriptions

Example HTML Email

Example HTML Email

Chile SCDA offer a free e-mail subscription service (powered by FeedBurner). An example of the format of the HTML e-mail is show to the right.

An e-mail is sent out to subscribed users once a day, if new articles have been written. Users can un-subscribe from this service at any time by using the link in one of the e-mails.

To subscribe to this free service, a link is available in the footer of each page of this website and there is also a form below:

Other ways to find out about new articles

Apart from the e-mail subscription service, Chile SCDA offers an RSS feed. You can add this feed to a variety of feed readers (also known as feed aggregators) such as Google Reader. Modern web browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 2+, Opera etc.) support RSS feeds out-of-the-box and you can simply add them to your bookmarks by clicking where you see the RSS icon: (usually somewhere in the top-right corner of your browser).

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