The recent rise of authoritarian, macho and right-wing populist governments in many parts of the globe has been accompanied by a renewed attack on the rights of workers, women, minority groups and migrants. This event acknowledges that too often conventional forms of solidarity also bear the hallmarks of the eurocentric, male, and hierarchical models of thinking and organising. In doing so they undervalue countless important struggles that are undertaken by the less visible that could provide for radically alternative visions and practices. On International Labour Day we ask you to join us for a discussion on what we learn from these serious challenges but also from our sharing of recent local and international victories. In order to more effectively confront exploitation, empire and patriarchy we ask, “What must solidarity look like in the 21st Century?”

This free event will feature presentations from within and outwith Scotland followed by a collective sharing of experiences from recent campaigns in Scotland and beyond. Guest speakers include:

Pedro FuentesSurvivor of Pinochet dictatorship and community activist, “Resistance, the public space and solidarity in the neoliberal era: lessons from Pinochet’s Chile”.

Su-ming KhooSchool of Political Science and Sociology, University of Galway, Ireland, “Visible Repair – ethics of solidarity in a world of hardening identities”

Titilayo FarukuoyeVice President (Diversity), University of Strathclyde Student Association, “Intersectional activism-Breathing international solidarity”

Antonio Thomaz JrFaculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Estadual Paulista-Presidente Prudente, Brazil, “The territorial struggle of labour and class solidarity for resistance and emancipation”

Hazel NolanRegional Organiser, GMB Union, “Solidarity in Action: the continued fight for Equality”

Music by Caroline SewellRegional Officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Musicians’ Union and others

Venue: ‘MAYDAY 2019 CELEBRATIONS’  will take place within ‘The Lounge’ of the Strathclyde Student Union, John Street, Glasgow.

This free event is open to all University staff – regardless of membership of UCU or not. Students, employed workers, unemployed workers, trade unionists, supporters, campaigners and comrades are all most welcome to this event.

Please come along on 1st May to celebrate the many victories in recent times and to mark International Labour Day 2019. It proves to be the best evening of solidarity and unity that you will find any time, any place…

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