As part of the preparations for the Victor Jara festival ‘El Sueño Existe’ 2019, we will be creating, on a large cloth, a new version of the Leeds Chilean Mural : Y Habra Trabajo para Todos / And There Will be Work for All (picture of the mural attached – the other translation is into Welsh, which is important for the festival which is in Wales and recognises the importance of the Welsh language)

Briefly, the mural was originally painted by 3 young Chilean exiles in 1976, shortly after they arrived in Leeds. It was tiled over in the 80s and only rediscovered by chance in 2017.

It has been preserved and restored after a campaign by Chileans and supporters.BUT it is rather hidden on a wall in Leeds University student union and is difficult to visit or see.

SO with the support of three companeros who still live in Leeds, we are going to create a cloth copy of this unique cultural artefact, ready to hang at the festival in summer 2019. It will be 4 metres wide by 2m 90 high and symbolises the hopes of the Chileans in 1970, their presence and contribution as exiles here, and also solidarity down the generations. After the festival launch, the cloth will be available to hang at other events etc.

SO – would you be up for contributing to the actual painting of the cloth version any time over the weekend of 19/20/21st October ?? at ‘Infamous Arts’, Izons Centre, Unit 1, Izons Industrial Estate, off Oldbury Road, West Bromwich B70 9BS – Infamous are artists who create lots of banners, hangings, large-scale sets etc., so they are on top of the technical stuff to make a wonderful copy of the mural.

NO special painting skills required – it is blocks of 5 colours, “painting by numbers” only! (the design & lettering will already be marked out on the cloth)

Times (drop in when it suits you)

Friday 19th Oct: 16.00 – 21.00

Saturday 20th Oct: 10.00 – 19.00

We will provide food if you let us know when you are coming!

IF we need to continue to paint, we will also have Sunday 21st, from 11.00 until we finish!!

If you would like to be a part of this, just let us know, – and there are plenty of spare rooms locally in Birmingham if you want to stay overnight either Friday or Saturday – again just let us know. We can pick you up from New St train station / or bus station if that helps you get to the Izons centre. This kind of mural is community / political art, so it is key that whoever wants to take part in the painting is welcome. This is not about the work of just one professional.

Interested? get in touch:  [email protected]