26169219_10156709014106754_7463332087210789423_n Today we said goodbye to Ethel Shephard. Ethel was a founding member of the Cambridge Chile Human Rights Committee during the 1970s. She helped newly arrived Chileans fleeing from the dictatorship by providing housing advice, furniture and the most basic but necessary things.
In the 1980s she also helped to form a committee of solidarity for the miners’ children during the strike. 
A committed communist party member and all round philanthropist, she understood what fleeing unspeakable horrors entailed, due to her Jewish heritage.
She will be greatly missed by many people in Cambridge.
Thank you, Ethel for everything you have done for our community.

aleha ha-shalom

Hasta luego compañera 

Carole Bell, Cambridge.


The Chilean community in South Yorkshire send their most heartfelt condolences to Cra Ethel family, camarades, friends and a toda la comunidad de exiliados en Cambridge.

Compañera Ethel Shepard, ¡Presente! ¡Ahora y Siempre!!

Pedro Fuentes