ChldrnGazzaThe Lord Mayor of Sheffield will be launching a new Children’s Trauma Centre in Gaza, Palestine – please come and hear more about it:

19:00, Reception Room, Town Hall:  Wednesday 18 October

Khuza’a is a town in the south of the Gaza Strip on the eastern border with Israel.  Khuza’a was one of three areas which suffered a great deal during the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Operation ‘Protective Edge’ lasted for 51 days and resulted in the killing of more than 2000 Palestinians, 11,000 injured, one third of them with permeant disability, and the destruction of more than 18,000 Palestinian homes. 

Hundreds of civilians were killed in Khuza’a and large areas of the town were wiped out.  As a result, 1000’s of children are still traumatised and in need of psychological help. The project will be carried out with help from experts from the Palestine Trauma Centre which is based in Gaza city.  The project will be run by one of Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s partner children centres, Never Stop Dreaming, in Khan Younis.

Please pass on the invitation to anyone interested in supporting play and therapy services for children in Gaza, who have been heavily traumatised by the attacks on Gaza.