Asylum Seekers do not want brutal Prison Guards as their Landlords

£230 million pounds of taxpayers money have gone to G4S and SERCO and Reliance, another security company in new UKBA COMPASS contracts to take over asylum housing.

In Yorkshire around 900 people and families will be evicted by G4S and dispersed from council properties and their existing homes to the private rented sector over the next few months

Yorkshire campaigners have already forced G4S to dump slum landlord UPM from the contract.The UKBA should now dump G4S and return the contract to councils who believe in humanitarian housing for asylum seekers

In Glasgow the SERCO takeover of asylum housing has meant 156 asylum seekers turned on to the streets and destitute – an action condemned by the Scottish government

G4S and SERCO have a record of brutal mismangement of detention centres and escort services in the UK and Australia.In 2010 there were over 700 complaints against G4S UK detention centre staff.In the first quarter of this year 21 detainees attempted suicide in G4S run Brook House and Tinsley centres.G4S escort staff are still facing trial for the death of Jimmy Mubenga at Heathrow in 2010.

SERCO runs the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre and has ruthlessly dealt with protests, and hunger strikes.Until 2010 it was the main centre for detaining women and children against international conventions. After detaining children it is now a preferred bidder for Childrens’ Services in Devon.



Join the campaign against G4S and SERCO contact SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Asylum Action Group) [email protected]

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TARGET Housing  views



Dear Chile SCDA,

Re: Asylum Seekers Contract

I am writing to you following the publication of the assignment of contracts by UK Boarders Agency for the provision of services to asylum seekers under the name of COMPASS.

Target Housing Ltd formed part of the partnership led by G4S which successfully won the contract in two regions, including Yorkshire & Humberside and East Midlands.

Target Housing has a long tradition of providing housing related support services to vulnerable and marginalised individuals and families. In 2004 and 2005 Target Housing successfully working in partnership with Safe Haven Yorkshire to provide support services to asylum seekers dispersed by the Home Office to Sheffield.

As CEO I am immensely proud of the work Target Housing does on a daily basis but can also relate personal experience because I was a refugee myself.  I was a political prisoner under the Pinochet Regime in Chile, spending 3 years in prison there.  I have significant experience in delivering services to asylum seekers and refugees, which includes the setting-up and management of the asylum seekers contract in the East Midlands. I developed services for refugees throughout South Yorkshire including floating support services in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster and the Station Foyer in Sheffield.

All this brought Target Housing to join the G4S partnership to deliver asylum seekers services.  Although the funding for the service is considerably lower than previous contract prices Target Housing is committed to making a positive contribution to this client group and the local communities.

We have recruited experienced staff and volunteers with a vast experience in delivering services to asylum seekers. As registered RSL and Charity Target is committed to providing the best service possible to those under our responsibility.

We would like to have the opportunity to meet you to discuss how best to coordinate services for asylum seekers.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address below or email me at [email protected] .

Yours Sincerely

Gino Toro


10th February 2012