The Chilean community together with friends in the north of the UK has set up the Chile Earthquake Appeal (CHEA) to gather and channel support to people affected by the massive earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that caused widespread damaged hundreds of deaths and millions of homes to be destroyed.

The huge tsunami waves struck a vast coastal area within minutes of the earthquake, killing people, destroying homes and all fishing boats and flooding half a kilometre inland.

The worst hit area is Concepción, Chile’s main industrial city where most business and the productive activity have been suspended.

Contacts and families in Chile tell us of people living in makeshift shelters in the hills and advised us that there was a severe shortage of essentials, which will soon become critical as the winter approaches. This includes:  winter clothing, household essentials, tools and light machinery.

The funds raised through this appeal will be used to support emergency relief, rehabilitation and recovery activities for communities affected by the disaster in the earthquake stricken cities and settlements in coastal Central-South Chile

This appeal is asking for your help in form of money, aid and support that will be sent directly to Chile’s most affected areas.

What can you do to help?

  • New or nearly new warm clothing for children and adults, shoes, wellies, soft toys and household essentials.
  • Tools, light machinery, heavy duty plastic sheeting etc.

We are accepting:

  • Donations; please send a cheque or money order to Chile Earthquake Appeal to CHEA, c/o Chile SCDA, Norbury, 2 Crabtree Rd Sheffield S5 7BB

If you are unsure about how or what to contribute or you need more information, please via our web page.

Your aid can be delivered to: Norbury, 2 Crabtree Rd, Sheffield S5 7BB.


We look forward to hearing from you!