As Cuban Minister of Industry, Che fought to prioritise human development, and collective solidarity, over market competition and individual ambition.  As President of the National Bank he wanted to abolish money! In the ‘Great Debate’ about socialist development, he argued with defenders of the Soviet model, and with leading socialists from across the world. This special CSC event offers an extended public opportunity to rediscover this Che Guevara, the Che who wanted to help create a ‘new man’, a humanity motivated by solidarity and social justice. For those who enjoyed our meeting with Che’s daughter Aleida, this is a chance to continue a journey of discovery of one of the most extraordinary figures in world politics.

Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign Special Event: Che Guevara:

Building a New Society in Cuba

An afternoon of discussion led by Helen Yaffe. Saturday 21 November, 2pm to 5pm

TV Lounge, Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield

With extracts from the Cuban film Che Guevara as you have never seen him Che

addressing Cuba’s trade unions in 1962

£3/£2 suggested donation to cover costs.

For fifty years, Che Guevara has been a symbol of resistance to oppression and exploitation.

Recently, two popular films have brought to life the story of his heroic years as a guerrilla leader: victoriously in Cuba, tragically in Bolivia. But completely missing from these films are Che’s years in Cuba struggling to build a new society – the whole purpose of the military battles.

The discussion will be led by Dr. Helen Yaffe, a Cuba activist in Rock Around the Blockade, and lecturer at University College London and the London School of Economics. Helen’s groundbreaking, and widely- praised book, Che Guevara: the economics of revolution (2009, Palgrave), traces Che’s leading role in the crucial early years of the Revolution. Drawing on interviews with 50 of Che’s colleagues, the book is the first in English to draw on Che’s criticism of Soviet political

economy. It makes full use of Cuban sources, including the minutes of meetings recording his ministerial battles to build an alternative socialist way of life, not least in the crucial area of working life.

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Copies of the book will be on sale at a special price.