Celebrating 50 years of the Cuban Revolution: Cuba’s Internationalism Today with Dr. Aleida Guevara.

Public Meeting
7.30pm Monday 29th June
Quaker Meeting House.
Sheffield S1 2EW

10 St James Street , Sheffield S1 2EW

For 50 years, the people who first made and then developed the Cuban Revolution have been outstanding in their internationalism. In the early years, Cubans fought shoulder to shoulder with people struggling to liberate themselves from colonial and military dictatorships. Che Guevara’s legendary battles in Africa and Latin America inspired hundreds of thousands of Cubans to fight alongside Angolans to defeat the armed invasion by the apartheid South Africa. Today, Cuban internationalism is directed mainly at defeating illness and illiteracy in the developing world. Cuban educational workers have helped millions in the developing world to overcome illiteracy. In their ‘Mission Miracle’, Cuba’s medical workers have restored sight to over 1.6 million poor people in Latin America and the Caribbean. They have rushed medical teams to disaster zones like the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. These are just some of the most well-known examples of the Cuban people’s worldwide sharing of their expertise and humanitarianism. This meeting is a unique opportunity to discuss the nature and philosophy of Cuba’s internationalism today with Dr. Guevara.
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