Trade Unionism, Migrant Workers and Asylum Seekers, Saturday May 2nd 10-3.30pm Barnsley Miners Hall 
A day of plenaries, workshops, discussions and action planning.  FREE Entrance 
We would like to ask you to support and if possible send delegates to the Conference organised by South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) and Barnsley Trades Council.

The theme is "Trade Unionism, Migrant Workers and Asylum Seekers". With the coming recession, we can expect attempts to blame migrant workers for unemployment and there will – no doubt – be more calls for "British Jobs for British Workers". Most asylum seekers don’t even have a legal right to work – so many are forced into "casual", dangerous and unregulated work which exploits them and can undermine existing trade union-agreed terms and conditions. That’s why this issue needs trade unionists to show solidarity as well as humanity.
We particularly welcome those from refugee communities with trade union experience. British trade unionists have a lot to learn about trade unionism in Latin America, Africa and Asia and the reasons why trade unionists from those countries are forced to seek refuge in the UK and other countries.
 We hope that – on International Workers Day – the conference will bring together those who want to fight for the rights of all workers, regardless of nationality or immigration status.
 There will be workshops on:
Personal Experiences of the Asylum System
Organising Migrant Workers
Challenging Racism in the Workplace and Trade Unions
Legal Rights at Work
The Right to Work
Combating the BNP
Ethical issues for Public Sector Workers
How to Organise Campaigns
This event is supported, so far, by the area branches of the National Union of Teachers, National Union of Mineworkers, University College Union and the South Yorkshire voluntary sector UNITE branch.
Entry is free but we would welcome donations from those who can afford it. There will be lunch and refreshments for all delegates free of charge and SYMAAG can help pay the travel expenses of those delegates who need this.
To book a place, sponsor the event, reserve space for a stall or for more information contact SYMAAG at dignitynotdetentio[email protected]