This project documents the lives of young Latino Americans from 12 to 25 years old based in the UK highlighting their contribution to London life, sharing their achievements and concerns, we aim to bridge an understanding across generations and cultures.

It also explores the contrasting individual lives of Latin American young people as part of the capital Diasporas.

Music is very much part of this documentary as a history line that embraces this journey, with songs recorded at Soho Studios in collaboration with Camerum Bride and other recognized Latin American musicians like Carlos Paul.

Urban artists such as Indio Lirico, Sonido Callejero and Nuevo Gobierno Latin American rappers based in the UK are part of the new dimension of the Latin American identity in the UK.

Their songs reflect mixed languages, with their own cultural codes as a fluid identity which adapts very fast through cultures, countries and the richness of being other. It allows young people to express their social concerns their contribution through art.

This Documentary unfolds the perspective history of the Latin American community in London, and their growth through the participation of young people, where they convey their dreams, achievements, loss and search of their own voice.

This documentary depicts the Latin American culture enriching main festivals such as Carnaval del pueblo Thames Festival and other representative cultural events in London.

This project is lead by the Pro-Peruvian Arts UK, Coordinated by Sofia Buchuck in partnership with Imagen Latina TV and the most representative young community organizations, cultural groups, dance groups, music groups and solo Latin American artists in the UK.