Full programme for the Showroom/University Cuba Film, Debate and Social day.on Saturday 31st January

Cuba Day 31st January

9.00 Doors Open
Kiosk Open
10.00 Introduction Cinema 3 Geraldine – Introduction and health and safety
Dr Wood

Day rates

Day and evening

10.15 Film – Memories of Underdevelopment (97 mins)

Cinema 3
Walk ups for film only
Normal Ticket price
11.50 Break
Showroom 5

Cinema 3

Dr Steve Ludlam

Dr David Wood

Politics in Cuba

Memorias and work of Tomas Gutierrez Alea

1.10pm Lunch


Showroom 5

Cinema 3

Cinema 1

Dr Par Kumaraswami

Dr Peter Watt

Roy Stafford
Cultural Policy and Cultural Participation

Cuba and Latin America
3.10pm Break

3.30 Film  – Rice and Peas 52 mins

Cinema 3
4.30 Talk in café bar Open forum with all speakers and public present

6.00 Food and mojitos Café Bar

Salsa music for background
Bar Guitarist
More cocktails
General merriment