Protest Rally
Saturday 3rd January 12 Midday

Town Hall steps
Sheffield. UK

Israel has launched a terror bombing against the people of Gaza, with over 350 dead and many more injured. Not content after days of devastating slaughter, the Israeli government promises more barbarity to come. The head of the Israeli military says, "This is only the beginning". The people of Gaza are asking, if this is only the beginning, what will the end look like?
We are witnessing the systematic massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. This slaughter follows almost two years of blockade which has prevented essential supplies of food, fuel and medicines from reaching the Palestinian people in Gaza and causing untold suffering.

During the six-month long ceasefire, Israel killed 22 Palestinians in Gaza. Since the ceasefire ended, Israeli F-19 jets have dropped thousands of tons of bombs on Gaza, one of the most populous places on earth, killing over 360 Palestinians.

The Israeli government is launching this horrific military assault under the pretext of ‘security’, and action against the rockets launched from Gaza, which have killed two Israelis in the last few days (and 20 in the last eight years).

Write to your MP, Councilor, and the Foreign Office (Foreign and Commonwealth Office King Charles Street London SW1A 2AH) urging them to insist that Prime Minister Gordon Brown acts to ensure:

•           An immediate end to Israel’s military assault on Gaza
•           An immediate end to the blockade and siege on Gaza
•           An end to Israel’s violations of international law
•           An end to Israeli occupation
As the horrific Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues it is imperative we up the pressure  to stop the slaughter which has  so far claimed around 400 Palestinian lives. To this end, Sheffield PSC and Sheffield StWC have organised a  protest this Saturday  which assembles at noon on the Town Hall  steps. A leaflet for this event is attached  and I urge everyone to distribute it as far and wide as possible.

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Sheffield Stop the War Coalition

LINK: The Israeli Attacks ON GAZA