There will be a splash of  Latin American colour and festivity in Machynlleth on Saturday 6th September with the arrival of a troupe of Bolivian dancers and musicians. The festival will take place at The Tabernacle and will kick off at 2pm.

 There will be an afternoon programme of  community dance  workshops, music, films and talks about the current situation in Bolivia. This will be followed in the evening by a  performance  by magical Bolivian ensemble; “Expresion Bolivia” who will present songs and dances from various parts of the country.
Bolivian music and dance has a tradition that reaches back 5000 years. During community celebrations, group solidarity is strengthened while shared values and cultural identities are reaffirmed. Amongst others, the Tinku dance will be presented which is a pre-Columbian ritual from Potosi in which two communities come together in fierce celebration.
Bolivia is Latin America’s poorest country, despite being rich in natural resources.  The majority of the populace are indigenous from Quechua and Aymara cultures. In 2005  the country voted in their first ever indigenous president; Evo Morales  who has been engaged in trying to lift the living standards of the majority; indigenous peoples, peasants and urban poor. 
This event will set the scene for next summer’s third “El Sueno Existe” festival in Machynlleth, which will focus particularly on the music and culture of  indigenous movements in Latin America.