{mosimage}Public meeting in Sheffield  Here in Britain, we don’t get much news in the media about Bolivia.  But important political processes and events are taking place there, with a momentum built upon popular mobilizations which have occurred throughout recent years.

Evo Morales became the country’s first indigenous president in January 2006, and the Movimiento al Socialismo gained a majority in the Chamber of Deputies at the same time.  The Bolivian people have been making important gains, including medical and educational programmes supported by Cuba and Venezuela. 
But the opposition, led by the white/mestizo oligarchy, remains very powerful, both politically and economically, and it can count on the support of the US government and of US-based and European-based transnationals.  Power is finely balanced at present. 

Cuba Solidarity Campaign member Steve Wagstaff visited Bolivia in October 2007, and he will report on recent developments and forthcoming events, and will present his assessment.

7.30pm, Monday 4 February
St Matthews’ Meeting Rooms
Carver Street

(Sheffield city centre)

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served 7.30 – 8pm.

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