When Cuban President Fidel Castro was first taken ill the western media confidently predicted that Cuban socialism World quickly fall apart and that there World be tens of thousands of Cubans fleeing the island on small boats. 14 months later and none of this has happened.

The Cuban economy continues its steady recovery from its near collapse in the early 90s when Cuba lost all its trade with the Soviet bloc, but every Cuban knows that many economic problems remain. An every Cuban is now being asked their opinions in a massive government drive to hold public meetings in every workplace and neighbourhood to discuss the man problems people are facing in daily life, and what they think the solutions are.

The western media continues to speculate that acting president Raul Castro, once demonized by them as a ‘hard-liner’, may now be a ‘moderate’ who they hope will lead Cuba down the ‘Chinese Road’ fro m communism to capitalism. Meanwhile half the Cuban cabinet was flying not to Beijing but to Caracas, to sign economic agreements that will further deepen the immense currents economic and social integration between Cuba and Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela and to together build what Chavez has called ‘Socialism for the 21st century’

So come along and hear Gladys Ayllon, from the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, and discuss with her where Cuba is currently going.

Monday 5 November 7.30pm St Matthews Rooms,

Carver Street

, Sheffield S1

Cuban Solidarity Campaign, Sheffield.