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copy-Chile-40-Years-On-LogoSmall1Learn about the Chilean experience, via video interviews with exiled Chileans living in Britain. They tell their life stories, from their initial inspiration as Allende and Popular Unity came to power in 1970, the extraordinary achievements they were part of, and their personal experiences in the run-up to, and on the day of the military coup (Sept 11th 1973) and its aftermath.

Four Chileans with widely different experiences tell of the euphoria of being part of huge social advances, the repression they suffered, the solidarity they received, and their arrival in Britain to make new lives as exiles and activists.

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Cro. José López 1938-2019

Con harta pena queremos comunicar el sensible fallecimiento de nuestro Cro y amigo José López QEPD, acaecido en la madrugada del día jueves 17 de Octubre.

Después de una duro trayecto desde Antofagasta, Buenos Aires, José llegó junto con su familia a Rotherham, South Yorkshire, la que sería la ciudad donde viviría su exilio por el resto de su vida.

José, militante del Partido Comunista chileno fue un ejemplo, no solo para nuestra comunidad, de consecuencia solidaria para con nuestro pueblo y de apoyo a lucha por la justicia social en America Latina y en otras latitudes. Un gran ejemplo de la acción unitaria!

Su alejamiento nos presenta un vacío difícil de llenar.

En estos difíciles momentos pensamos en sus hijos Pepe, Leo y Cecilia y nietos a quienes hacemos llegar nuestras más sentidas condolencias. Al igual a su familia en nuestro país, a los miembros y amigos de nuestra comunidad.

Cro. José, te agradecemos tu legado. Descansa en Paz

Para quienes quisieran hacer llegar sus condolencias y saludos a su familia, dirigirse a Pepe López, Familia y Hermanos, 15 Green Acres, Rawmarch, Rotherham S62 6LD. Tel +447960262985

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The lost art of Santiago Bell: Crowdfunding


Santiago Bell was a Chilean sculptor who left Chile for the UK in 1975 as a political refugee after the violent military coup led by Augusto Pinochet two years earlier.

An Art Teacher, Socialist, Politician, Sculptor, Christian and Activist, Santiago created communities simply by generating a space for people to work, talk and release their talents.

Santiago was one of 28,000 political prisoners arrested, imprisoned, and tortured shortly after the military takeover. Thanks to efforts by solidarity groups in the UK, Amnesty International and due to his British heritage, Santiago was released in 1975.

Many thousands of people in his position were murdered or ‘disappeared’

“Either they shot you or they tried to kill you slowly. They tried to kill me slowly, by beatings and torture and madness in solitary confinement. Ten of my ribs were broken and didn’t set properly. My kidneys don’t work well because of the beatings. People say this has made me wise. Well, I would rather be stupid and not have had the lesson. I learnt things, but they were all dark things”

Santiago Bell


Christopher Bell, the grandson of Santiago Bell, raised in Cambridge the city he first arrived in back in 1975; and coordinator of the crowdfunding initiative, says “After he passed away in 2005, we were left with an extraordinary body of work. In our journey to salvage these amazing sculptures, we have come to realise that they are more than just pieces of art but tools that Santiago used to change lives. Since 2005, the work has fallen into disrepair, having been stored in garages, living rooms and attics”.

  “Much of the work is damaged, has parts missing or is missing altogether. We need proper funding to get a decent work space and assign the right people to bring the work back to life. With the funding, we would also arrange the shipping of the missing sculptures.”

” Christopher concludes “We need your help, to first and foremost help us to preserve these great works of art and the story and message behind them”.




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Vigilia en conmemoración de los 46 años del golpe militar. Sheffield.

Homenaje a los [email protected] [email protected] por la dictadura de Pinochet

¡¡Nunca Más!!

En el 46avo Aniversario del comienzo de la masacre neoliberal
Miércoles 11 de septiembre desde las 12:00 hasta las 13:00
Sheffield Town Hall
Rómpe la inercia, trae tu bandera… Te esperamos!
¡¡Corre la voz!!
¡¡A prepararse para que todo Sheffield y el mundo lo sepa!!

Carlos Tapia Santana QEPD

Hoy, sábado 31 de Agosto,  a las 22:00 de Hungría 16:00  hrs de Chile, y después de un mes hospitalizado, ha fallecido nuestro hermano Carlos

Ahora está en compañía de sus hijos Carlos René y Carmen Claudia y su fiel compañera Judih

Sus restos serán cremados a su voluntad y arrojados al Danubio.

José Tapia Santana, Santiago, Chile


Hacemos llegar nuestras más sentidas condolencias a Ester Berna y familia, a todas/os  sus hermanos, como también a la familia y a sus amigos. 

Estimado Carlos, Descansa en Paz

Comunidad de Chilenos, Sheffield, UK

Celebration of Life for Carmen Morales-Guarda RIP

Compañera Carmen Olivia Morales-Guarda
 05.05.1947 – 25.06.2019 
 Please join us on Saturday 27th July 2019 to celebrate a life that touched so many. 
We are gathering at 15.30 for 15.45 at 
St James’s Church Hall, Scott Road
S4 7BG
Please, bring your thoughts, stories, readings, and fondest memories of Carmen. 
Music, Empanadas and Yewum (mapudungun for potluck meal / sweets), and light drinks to follow.
Please, RSVP
text: 07853 633637
Muchas gracias
ChileScda & Friends 

Carmen Morales Guarda QEPD

Con mucho sentimiento quisiéramos compartir la triste noticia del fallecimiento de la Cra Carmen, acaecido el día 25 de Junio en la ciudad de Valdivia.

Carmen vivió parte de su exilio en Liverpool junto con su Cro Alan Rodríguez y su hijo José Miguel.

Luego retorna a Chile después del ingreso clandestino de su Cro a nuestro país. Un par de años más tarde y debido al cerco de la represión, vuelve a GB y comparte con nosotros  en Sheffield el resto de su exilio hasta principios de 1990, cuando retorna definitivamente a Chile.

Cra Carmen, te recordamos y saludamos tu participación en la resistencia a la dictadura y tu  compromiso militante con el movimiento feminista.

En nuestro pensamiento también está  el Cro Alan Rodríguez, su hijo José Miguel,  Alan Ford, con quien compartió su nueva vida en Chile, sus hermanos y familia; como también en sus camaradas y amigas/os.

Sus restos descansan en Valdivia,  la ciudad que la vio nacer.

Carmen, te Saluda el exilio de Sheffield y todas tus amigas de acá y GB.

Chica, Descansa en Paz

Cra Carmen Morales, ¡Presente! ¡Ahora y Siempre!

May Day Celebrations: (Re)Thinking Solidarity in the 21st Century

The recent rise of authoritarian, macho and right-wing populist governments in many parts of the globe has been accompanied by a renewed attack on the rights of workers, women, minority groups and migrants. This event acknowledges that too often conventional forms of solidarity also bear the hallmarks of the eurocentric, male, and hierarchical models of thinking and organising. In doing so they undervalue countless important struggles that are undertaken by the less visible that could provide for radically alternative visions and practices. On International Labour Day we ask you to join us for a discussion on what we learn from these serious challenges but also from our sharing of recent local and international victories. In order to more effectively confront exploitation, empire and patriarchy we ask, “What must solidarity look like in the 21st Century?”

This free event will feature presentations from within and outwith Scotland followed by a collective sharing of experiences from recent campaigns in Scotland and beyond. Guest speakers include:

Pedro FuentesSurvivor of Pinochet dictatorship and community activist, “Resistance, the public space and solidarity in the neoliberal era: lessons from Pinochet’s Chile”.

Su-ming KhooSchool of Political Science and Sociology, University of Galway, Ireland, “Visible Repair – ethics of solidarity in a world of hardening identities”

Titilayo FarukuoyeVice President (Diversity), University of Strathclyde Student Association, “Intersectional activism-Breathing international solidarity”

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