Compañera Angela Thew, RIP

We, members of the Sheffield Community, were all shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of our Compañera Angela Thew.

Our thoughts are with Phil and with the entire family in this sad time

Angie was a founding member, and one of the main inspirational pillars, of the Merseyside Chile Solidarity Campaign. One of the first Chile Solidarity Campaigns to be set up in the UK, just after the military coup in Chile. She worked tirelessly in both denouncing the atrocities committed by the dictatorship and supporting newly arrived Chileans fleeing from Pinochet’s deadly repression.

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‘We Touched the Sky’: the new online educational resource, freely available HERE, NOW

copy-Chile-40-Years-On-LogoSmall1Learn about the Chilean experience, via video interviews with exiled Chileans living in Britain. They tell their life stories, from their initial inspiration as Allende and Popular Unity came to power in 1970, the extraordinary achievements they were part of, and their personal experiences in the run-up to, and on the day of the military coup (Sept 11th 1973) and its aftermath.

Four Chileans with widely different experiences tell of the euphoria of being part of huge social advances, the repression they suffered, the solidarity they received, and their arrival in Britain to make new lives as exiles and activists.

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Fernando Cáceres, QEPD

Con sentimiento comunicamos la triste noticia del fallecimiento de Fernando Cáceres, acaecido en Liverpool, GB el día martes 17 de octubre.

Fernando será recordado por  sus amigos de la comunidad de chilenos y latinoamericanos en Liverpool

Queremos hacer llegar nuestras sentidas condolencias a sus hijos y familia, como también a todos sus amigos en Merseyside.

Fernando, Descansa en Paz

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Day of the Dead, in Sheffield



Day of the Dead: Poetry and Music Day,

by the

Sheffield Institute of Art

Sat 3 November 2018. 11:00 – 15:30

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Invite – recreating the Chilean mural (on cloth)

As part of the preparations for the Victor Jara festival ‘El Sueño Existe’ 2019, we will be creating, on a large cloth, a new version of the Leeds Chilean Mural : Y Habra Trabajo para Todos / And There Will be Work for All (picture of the mural attached – the other translation is into Welsh, which is important for the festival which is in Wales and recognises the importance of the Welsh language)

Briefly, the mural was originally painted by 3 young Chilean exiles in 1976, shortly after they arrived in Leeds. It was tiled over in the 80s and only rediscovered by chance in 2017.

It has been preserved and restored after a campaign by Chileans and supporters.BUT it is rather hidden on a wall in Leeds University student union and is difficult to visit or see.

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

A dramatisation of Robert Tressel’s book

by Townsend Productions

Supported by Vision Sheffield festival


‘The Spirit of 1968’ at Sheffield Trades & Labour Club

A stirring, riotous and inspiring celebration of 150 years of union struggle!

Monday 24th September 7.30pm

Doors open 6.45pm

(the bar will also be open)

At Sheffield Trades & Labour Club

200 Duke Street S2 5QQ**

Tickets £10 and £6.00 (concessions)

* Also tickets can be reserved by email to

[email protected]

**Bus120 (to Halfway) : Arundel Gate (stop AG1)

Organised by Sheffield Trades Union Council


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Jorge Salgado Rocha, QEPD

Se comunica el sencible fallecimiento del compañero Jorge Salgado Rocha Q.E.P.D. Su deceso se produjo el dia 19 de Septiembre en su ciudad natal, Temuco, Chile.

Jorge fué Escritor, Antropólogo, Profesor y Periodista.  Estudios U. de Durham, U. de Liverpool.  Miembro del Partido Socialista y  activo miembro de la comunidad de exiliados tanto en Liverpool, donde vivió durante sus estudios en la Universidad de Liverpool, y en Durham. Finalmente Jorge terminó su exilio en Londres, donde junto a otros compañeros fundó la Casa Latinoamericana.

Nuestra comunidad se adhiere al dolor de su hija Rayen, su nieta Inarita de toda su familia,  compañeros y amigos.

El Cro. Jorge Salgado vive en nuestra memoria.

Pedro Fuentes, ChileScda.



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