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copy-Chile-40-Years-On-LogoSmall1Learn about the Chilean experience, via video interviews with exiled Chileans living in Britain. They tell their life stories, from their initial inspiration as Allende and Popular Unity came to power in 1970, the extraordinary achievements they were part of, and their personal experiences in the run-up to, and on the day of the military coup (Sept 11th 1973) and its aftermath.

Four Chileans with widely different experiences tell of the euphoria of being part of huge social advances, the repression they suffered, the solidarity they received, and their arrival in Britain to make new lives as exiles and activists.

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Rob Jones RIP

RobJonesRIPWe at ChileScda were very saddened to learn about Rob Jones passing.  He was very supportive to all Chilean refugees that came to live in Sheffield fleeing Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Rob will be always remembered by our community for his passion and solidarity in denouncing the human rights atrocities of Pinochet’s dictatorship and also for opening his family doors to our compañera Silvia Parra (RIP).

We offer our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to Rob’s family, and to all his colleagues and friends in this difficult time.

Rob will be sorely missed.

Compañero Rob Jones, ¡Presente!, ¡Ahora y Siempre!

Pedro Fuentes

Chilean Community, South Yorkshire (ChileScda)


Ethel Shephard RIP

26169219_10156709014106754_7463332087210789423_n Today we said goodbye to Ethel Shephard. Ethel was a founding member of the Cambridge Chile Human Rights Committee during the 1970s. She helped newly arrived Chileans fleeing from the dictatorship by providing housing advice, furniture and the most basic but necessary things.
In the 1980s she also helped to form a committee of solidarity for the miners’ children during the strike. 
A committed communist party member and all round philanthropist, she understood what fleeing unspeakable horrors entailed, due to her Jewish heritage.
She will be greatly missed by many people in Cambridge.
Thank you, Ethel for everything you have done for our community.

aleha ha-shalom

Hasta luego compañera 

Carole Bell, Cambridge.


The Chilean community in South Yorkshire send their most heartfelt condolences to Cra Ethel family, camarades, friends and a toda la comunidad de exiliados en Cambridge.

Compañera Ethel Shepard, ¡Presente! ¡Ahora y Siempre!!

Pedro Fuentes


La Muralla: ‘Uncovering the Chilean Mural’


” This mural was recently discovered in Leeds University Union (LUU). It was recognised by Mario Álvarez Fuentes, who then contacted the wider Chilean community. The Chilean community lead by Gilberto Hernández and Pedro Fuentes contacted LUU in an open letter expressing the importance of the mural. LUU, The Chilean Community, The University of Leeds and the Heritage Lottery Fund are all now working together to help save this mural, tell the story of how it came to be here, and remind Leeds of the role it played in Chilean History. The mural was painted in 1976 by Chilean men who had fled the military dictatorship. The mural was painted as part of the solidarity movement, in an effort to make a wider community aware of the atrocities happening in Chile.” Link to  La Muralla* where you’d find a documented insight about the past and the very present of the project.

*La Muralla was created as part of a group project for the MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies course at the University of Leeds

Image PedroF

More links: Yorkshire Evening Post: ‘Forgotten Leeds mural tells enduring story of solidarity’ 


Ding Dong Bell… Ding Dong Bellsss…bellss…bellssss

Navidad ChileScda

Sábado 16 de Diciembre 2017 a las 15.00. (Llega a la hora po’) y termina a las 20.00
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(vacunito al horno, pollito también en el oven etc),
Bingo, Rifa, Risas, Chascarros y Canturreos
Cooperación: £5.00 y £3.00 para niños hasta 10 años.

St James’ Church Hall, esquina de Scott Rd con Abbeyfield Rd. Sheffield 4 (mapa)

*Apuntarse, (nombres y edad de niños) A MÁS TARDAR el miércoles 13 de dic. por medio del fb (Chile Scda) o [email protected] o deja un mensaje aquí.

lleva tu bebestible!

Organiza ChileScda

Call for memories of a 1970s mural uncovered in Leeds University Union

Detail-from-Chilean-mural-uncovered-in-Leds-University-Union-building_photo-by-Emily-Marriott-340x162November 10.11.2017

A Chilean mural has recently been uncovered in the Leeds University Union (LUU) building.

Created in 1976, the mural is the work of a group of Chilean refugees who came to Leeds to flee the dictatorship of the Pinochet regime. It was originally painted on a student common room wall, and later hidden behind a temporary kitchen.

In partnership with LUU, members of the Chilean community in Yorkshire, MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies students from the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies are organizing an exhibition this term to recall the mural and its past.

The exhibition is part of a wider project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund which will oversee the restoration of the mural, and will be accompanied by a series of events.

The students’ exhibition will feature the real voices of Chileans who experienced first hand the military dictatorship at the time of the mural’s creation.

As part of the project, the students are also looking for anyone who remembers the mural in its earlier days, before it was covered up, to share their story.

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Estudio sobre el uso lingüístico en las familias chilenas, o de descendencia chilena, residentes en UK.

Hola a [email protected]!

Soy estudiante en la Universidad de Lausana en intercambio con la Universidad de Sheffield para un semestre. Estoy escribiendo mi HolaHellomemoria de Máster sobre el uso lingüístico en las familias chilenas, o de descendencia chilena, residentes en Sheffield.

Me interesa entender qué lenguas se usan en el ámbito familiar. ¿Dónde, cuándo y con quién se habla español o inglés? También, me interesa conocer tu percepción acerca de ambas lenguas, es decir, ¿qué representan y qué significan para ti? ¿En qué medida son importantes para ti?

Estas preguntas ayudarán a entender, por ejemplo, si es probable que el español sigua manteniéndose en las siguientes generaciones.

Para llevar a cabo mi estudio, necesito ponerme en contacto con personas dispuestas a responder a mis preguntas. Se harán entrevistas individuales de unos 30 minutos como mínimo.

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Alejandro Albornoz y Alejandra Caro en el ‘Sound Junction’. University of Sheffield Sound Studios.

palbornozViernes 3 de noviembre 2017, a las 19:00, Firth Hall, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN

Tickets (£5 per concert, £10 Intersection Pass)

Alejandro Albornoz está realizando actualmente un doctorado en composición electroacústica en la Universidad de Sheffield y centra sus investigaciones en la voz humana, la poesía, el lenguaje, la acusmática y los algoritmos.

La primera sesión del programa de Sound Junction del día viernes 3 está encabezada por Alejandro.  La sesión 2, del día sábado 4,  lo está por el Dr Nikos Stavropoulos de Leeds Becketts University, y sesión 3 del mismo día por el  prestigioso compositor alemán y Professor of Composition and Director of Electroacoustic Studios en la Univeridad de Harvard Hans Tutschku.

En esta oportunidad Alejandro Albornoz, con el acompañamiento de Alejandra Caro (voz), compartirá su obra ‘La Luz’, pieza concebida para ocho canales.

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