Nos vemos  en el guided tour del Kelham Island Museum este domingo 22 de abril a las 13:45 ¡a más tardar!

El museo es una joyita de Sheffield donde se exhibe gran parte de la tradición industrial local, principalmente los cubiertos de mesa y de cocina,  la fabricación de herramientas y la industria del acero que proyectó a esta ciudad a nivel mundial.

Estamos trabajando con el Kelham Island Museum como parte del proyecto  ‘Top 10 Trails’.  El objetivo de la visita es, aparte del encuentro con el pasado industrial sheffeliano y de disfrutar de una ‘guided tour’ por el establecimiento, ayudarles,  como comunidad,  a identificar  los 10 temas más importantes o favoritos que se exhiben en el museo . Una vez que se identifiquen éstos pasarán a conformar los  ‘Top Ten Trails’ aparecerán en la entrada del Museo  y en su sitio internet como invitación al público que en el futuro visite el museo a participar en éstos.



. Visita al Kelham Island Museum

Día: Domingo 22 de ABRIL

Hora: 13:30 para 13:45


Lista de personas confirmadas:

1.   Alan Glossop

2.  Aldo Berríos

3.  Ana María González

4. Ana María Rettig

5.  Arcadio Ducoing

6. Benjamín Vergara

7. Bernabé Álvarez

8. Carlos Fernández

9. César Mostacho

10. Ester Álvarez

11. Francisca Fuentes

12. Héctor Madrid

14. Isilda Lang

15. JeanetteValeria

16. Pablo

17.  Carla

18. Rahwan Mustafa

19. Kirstin Lang

20. Luis Arroyo

21. Marcela Menanteaux

18. María Jesús Inostroza

19. Miriam Vásquez

20. Patricia Ducoing

21. Pedro Fuentes

22. Sergio Vásquez

23. Stephen Lang

24. María Teresa Díaz

25. Marcia Vera

26. Stuart Jesson

27. Alia Menanteaux

28. Beni Alvarez

29.Olivia Alvarez

30. Eva Ramos




Para la historia
Sobre nuestra participación en la tarde en Kelham Island Museum


Dear Judith and Jenny,

Thank you so much for hosting our community group at the Museum on Sunday 22nd of April and for hospitality. Thank you also for the guided-tour around the various sections and displays and for giving us the opportunity to provide our view points about the Museum’s collections.

The group’s consensus was that this journey through Sheffield’s industrial past helped us enormously to better appreciate and value our industrial and social heritage.

The set of hands on activities at Hawley section was definitely the highlight of the afternoon for the group as, with the help and encouragement of both of you, everyone got involved in the various activities and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was something to remember!

We will definitely be back!

Thanks again

Yours sincerely

Pedro Fuentes


(Please, find attached some comments and feedback from members of the group. Please, feel free to use photographs from this link for your publicity material.)

Please, see comments and feedback at the bottom of the page.


Dear Pedro,

It is lovely to hear that your group enjoyed their visit on 22nd April.  As I said in my earlier e-mail, Jenny and I very much enjoyed meeting you all.   I am just waiting for our designer to let us have the template for the ‘Top Ten’ trail then I will send you a copy of your completed trail and let you know when it will be on show in the Museum.

I will be in touch again soon,

Kind regards,


Jenny Bland & Judith Smith,

Audience Development Officers,

The Hawley Collection @ Kelham Island Museum, Kelham Island Museum



Chilean Community: Kelham Island Museum Visit
Feedback and Comments

We really enjoyed the afternoon in the Kelham Island Museum. We really appreciate the tour, the enthusiasm, and the explanations as it gave us a deeper and global perspective of the importance of the museum for the City of Sheffield. Thanks a lot for all the efforts and for the final gathering and discussion.

Sergio and Miriam Vásquez


I enjoyed immensely the experience of visiting the Museum; last time I visited was 25 years ago and I had forgotten all about it. Thank you very much for showing us around and it was an unforgettable experience

Ana María González


Thanks to Kelham Island’s tour-guides for their time in giving us a very pleasant and informative walk around this little and brilliant museum of the working history of our city of Sheffield, from the industrial revolution to the two world wars. It was an afternoon that I really liked and enjoyed very much.

Benjamín Vergara


The guided tour  in Kelham Island Museum was great! not only very informative but also entertaining. Thank you so much to the museum and to the two guides that took us through the history of Sheffield and its steel industry heritage. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the city and its people. I strongly recommend the tour. It makes a perfect Sunday out!

Marcia Vera


Thank you very much to Kelham Island Museum and to the two tour guides! It was an excellent opportunity to learn more in detail about the steel industry heritage of Sheffield and its people. Very informative, entertaining and friendly atmosphere.

Ana María Rettig


We really appreciate the great opportunity given to the Chilean Community, the excellent information given by the two ladies guiding our tour to the amazing history of Sheffield and industrial heritage. Thank you Kelham Island Museum for fabulous Sunday.

Jeannette Valeria


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting the Kelham Island Museum. Staff presenting the different zones of the museum were very attentive and have a great knowledge of the different subjects presented. I have already recommended it to my friends who are looking forward to visiting the place.

Carlos Fernández


It was a very nice experience, especially for our grandchildren. It was something like going back to when we first came to Sheffield from home, that is to say, busy industries and work for everybody.Again, thank you very much for the superb hospitality too!

Ester and Bernabé Álvarez and grandchildren


Enjoyed the whole afternoon at the museum. All those tools made by Sheffield hands in Victorian times, very hard work. Many thanks to all those who made the visit possible.

Luis Arroyo


I really love this museum, learning about the history and impact of working life of Sheffield to the community is simply exciting. Due to I am a transitory resident in this city (I will go back to Chile when my PhD is finished), this experience give the opportunity to share a wider perspective with my friends about what living in Sheffield means.

Héctor Madrid


Really interesting, I was particularly intrigued by the eclectic selection of items in the Hawley Collection which were very well contextualised.  Really brought the industry to life.  Thanks for a great day, and being so hospitable!

Francisca Fuentes


Sheffield 2nd May 2012