Social Democracy in the Post-Bipolar World: Challenges in the Developed World, Opportunities in the Developing World. This conference will be held at Sheffield University from 28th to 30th June 2006.

Thursday 29th is the day when there are all the papers about Latin America: Francisco Dominguez (Middlesex) ‘The latinamericanisation of the politics of emancipation’; Teresa Orosa Fraiz (Havana) ‘Third Age social justice in Cuba’
Steve Ludlam (Sheffield) ‘Cuba: post-bipolar Marti’an social democracy?’; Sue Branford ‘PT in Brazil: obstacles to delivering social justice’; Valeria Guarneros-Meza ‘Multi-level governance and participation in Mexico’ and many more!


Wednesday 28th June

The Future of Social Democracy
Rainer Zoll (Bremen) ‘Rethinking socialism: 7 Theses’
Gerassimos Moschonas (Panteion, Athens) ‘Social Democracy from without: identity change, European Union and the future’
Chair, Andrew Gamble (Sheffield); Discussant, John Callaghan (Wolverhampton)
David Purdy (Stirling) ‘Personal autonomy and balanced development’
David McKnight (Sydney, Australia) ‘Family, globalisation, and social cohesion’
Richard Weiner (Rhode Island, US) ‘The governance of autonomous social law’
Social Europe Panel ‘The future of Social Europe’
Chair: Henning Meyer (European Research Forum), Detlev Albers (SDP, Germany), Andreas Helle (PES, European Parliament), Stephen Haseler (European Research Forum)

Thursday 29th June

Ashley Lavelle (Griffith, Australia) ‘Explanations for the Neo-liberal Direction of Social Democracy: Germany, Sweden and Australia Compared’
Craig Phelan (Wales) ‘The global future of organised labour: historiographical assessment’
Adrian Zimmerman (Lausanne) ‘Rethinking industrial democracy’
Eric Shaw (Stirling) ‘Developed Social Democracy in the UK – is what works what counts?’
Rajiv Prabhakar (LSE) ‘The Child Trust Fund: evidence of popular reactions to “progressive universalism”’
Andy Pearmain (East Anglia) ‘Labour must die’
Sue Branford
‘PT in Brazil: obstacles to delivering social justice’
Valeria Guarneros-Meza (De Montfort) ‘Multi-level governance and participation in Mexico’
Guy Burton (ISA London) ‘Third ways in the third world: social democracy and education policy in the Ceará and Rio Grande do Sul State governments, Brazil’
Jonathan Perraton (Sheffield) ‘Alternative economic strategies in the South’
Debashish Bhattacherjee (Calcutta) ‘The new left, globalisation and trade unions in West Bengal’
Hugh Compston (Cardiff) ‘Long-term policy pressures on social democratic governments’
Geraldine Lievesley (Manchester Metropolitan) ‘Is Latin America moving leftwards? Problems and prospects for radical social democracy’
Julia Buxton (Bradford) ‘Venezuela: Bolivarianism and democracy’
Sara Motta-Mera (LSE) ‘Venezuela: Reinventing social democracy in the 21st Century?’
Nina Fishman (Westminster) ‘Post-industrial social democracy’
Ben Jackson (Oxford) ‘The Rhetoric of Redistribution’
Martin McIvor (Catalyst) ‘The relevance of left intellectual traditions’
The Struggle for Social Justice in Latin America Today
Rene Mujica Cantelar, Ambassador,  and Silvia Blanca, First Secretary  and Head of the Scientific and Cultural Office, Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

Anneke Ribberink (Amsterdam) ‘An egalitarian Prime Minister: Gro Harlem Brundtland (1981, 1986-1989, 1990-1996)’
Robert Taylor (Nuffield) ‘The direction of Swedish social democracy’
Dimitris Tsarouhas (Ankara) ‘Ideas, Institutions and Interests: the Swedish Model revisited’
Francisco Dominguez (Middlesex) ‘The latinamericanisation of the politics of emancipation’
Teresa Orosa Fraiz (Havana) ‘Third Age social justice in Cuba’
Steve Ludlam (Sheffield) ‘Cuba: post-bipolar Marti’an social democracy?’

Lawrence Black (Durham) ‘Post-industrial Labour politics: some historical origins of New Labour’s creative economy’
Kevin Hickson (Liverpool) ‘New Labour, the third way, and the egalitarian tradition’
Jeremy Nuttall (Kingston) ‘Social democracy through intelligence’

After dinner speaker, Richard Corbett MEP

Friday 30th June

Compass Panel ‘The future of social democracy in the UK: issues, agents, narratives’
Chair Ed Miliband MP, Hetan Shah (Compass ) ‘Issues’, Martin McIvor (Catalyst) ‘Agents’, Andrea Westall (Policy analyst, researcher and writer) ‘Narratives’.
Hartwig Pautz (Glasgow Caledonian) ‘The modernisation of German social democracy: third way, Neue Mitte and Agenda 2010’
Simon Sweeney (Leeds) ‘Soft Power and the European Social Model’
Oleksandr Svyetlov (Ukraine) ‘Redefining social democracy: The case study of Ukraine’s Social Democratic United Party (SDPU(o)): party programme vs. reality’

People can register by emailing [email protected] . ‘Sheffield Special Day Rate’ booking for people from Sheffield etc.