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Respondiendo a la tragedia en Valparaíso

1511093_688004094579845_4724579548897394325_nSheffield ChileScda y estudiantes chilenos de la U de Sheffield están oganizando un evento para reunir fondos en ayuda de los damnificados de esta tragedia. Los detalles de éste se darán a conocer  a través de este medio durante los próximos días.


Centros de ayuda a las miles de personas damnificadas por el siniestro de Valparaíso.

Ver un pequeño recuento gráfico de la tragedia  (Aquí)

Ver álbum ‘Gente parando Valparaíso’ (Aquí)


Se necesitan entre otras cosa: artículos de aseo personal, cloro, bolsas de basura, frazadas, alimentos no perecibles, leche, pañales y agua.

Centros de recepción de la ayuda en Santiago 

 Macul: Municipalidad, Gimnasio municipal, Quilín 3250, Macul.

 Conchalí: Municipalidad Gimnasio municipal Diego Silva 1309.

 Quilicura: Municipalidad, José Francisco Vergara Nº 450 y Plaza de Armas de la comuna.

 Recoleta: Municipalidad, Avenida Recoleta 2774, y estadio municipal.

 Isla de Maipo: Municipalidad, Alcalde David López 9.

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Blankets 4 Bolivia


According to UNICEF, 59 per cent of the Bolivian population live under the poverty line. Due to the high altitude in La Paz, the majority of the Bolivian population not only have to deal with hunger, but also freezing temperatures all year round, leading to cases of hypothermia among those forced to live on the streets.

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Dates for your diary: April-June



Saturday 19

From Nicaragua

Paul Baker Hernández, musician, poet, writer and activist

Plays for the

 ‘Nags and Nippers’ Project Fundraising

(followed by a Late Party Dance)

7:15pm Institwt Glyndwr, £7

Machynlleth, Wales,

More details from Tony: 0165 470 2166


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Julio Tapia Falk

Murió gorila uniformado que fue instalado como rector de la Universidad de Chile por Pinochet en 1975-76.Tapia Falk también fue representante legal del ex jefe de la DINA, Mamo Contreras y sindicado como torturador del AGA. (Academia de Guerra Aérea)
Sus cenizas comienzan a contaminar el Cementerio General a partir de mañana 04.04.2014

New Chilean art school to promote Nazi ideology


arte-nazi-A1March 25, 2014 (JTA) — An art school that promotes Nazi ideology is scheduled to open in Chile.

The “Art school, President General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte,” which is set to open Friday on the southern island of Chiloe, is named for the dictator who stepped down in 1990 after the South American country held democratic elections. Posters promoting the school include a swastika.

Jewish community leaders, Chilean civil society groups and a lawmaker have demanded that the school, which the Jewish community called offensive, remain shuttered.

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Gobierno anuncia que pondrá suma urgencia a proyecto para voto de chilenos en el extranjero

OnSHeIhqDhbTeGj-556x313-noPadRadio BioBio, 19.03.14 Tras una reunión con la presidenta Michelle Bachelet, la ministra secretaria general de la Presidencia, Ximena Rincón, sostuvo que se acordó incluir suma urgencia al proyecto de reforma constitucional para permitir el voto de los chilenos que se encuentren en el extranjero.

Al respecto manifestó que solo se ingresará una indicación dentro del proyecto que asegure que las personas en el exterior no deban inscribirse cada vez que se desarrolle un proceso eleccionario, sino que se conserve la base de datos de los inscritos y que con ello simplemente sean ratificados o se registren cambios de domicilio.

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Compañero Tony Benn, ¡Presente!


Compañero Tony Benn will be sadly missed by the entire Chilean Community in the UK.

A giant of social justice and a truly internationalist.

Compañero Tony Benn ¡Presente, Ahora y Siempre!

Chile SCDA

(May Day Celebrations in Chesterfield, 2001)


Compañero Bob Crow, ¡Presente!


The Chilean community in the UK is shocked at the tragic news that Bob Crow, the RMT union general secretary, has passed away.

We offer our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to Bob’s family and to the RMT and its members at this difficult times.

We have lost a proper fighter and a committed internationalist.

Compañero Bob Crow, RIP

Pedro Fuentes

Chile Scda

“… I am proud to say that members of our union played their part alongside other

trade unionists in helping political refugees from Chile whocame to Britain.

Thousands of Chileans were tortured and killed under the regime ofGeneralAugusto Pinochet.

Many “disappeared” and their families to this day do not know what happened to them.

All this came about in the interests of big business, to prevent Salvador Allende’s

government implementing a programme that included nationalisation of  key industries

and redistribution of wealth. While the labour movement helped the victims of Chile’s Junta,

Margaret Thatcher and otherConservatives supported Pinochet’sbrutal regime.

In fact, Thatcher was an admirer of Pinochet’s free-market policies and remained

a lifelong personal friend.” [...]

Bob Crow, General Secretary, RMT (September 2013)


Menssage from RMT Union

Dear Pedro

Thanks for the kind sentiments of your email of condolence, it has been a devastating shock for us all. 

We are collating all such messages for his family and will ensure your message is brought to their attention.