La Funa al barco tortura Esmeralda en Londres a traves de los medios.


The Catholic Universe: ‘Protest over ship where priest was murdered’.   Enlace

East London Advertiser: ‘Quayside protest at Chile’s Esmeralda torture ship arriving at Millwall docks’. Enlace

BBC: ‘Protestors meet ‘torture ship’ Esmeralda at Canary Wharf’. Enlace

The Guardian: ‘Pinochet’s torture ship now flies the flag for Chile around the world’.  Enlace

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Funa! Esmeralda Torture ship not welcome in the UK


Vessel “Escuela Esmeralda”, Torture Ship


Demonstration, 29th August 12.00 to 14.00

Where: West India Docks, near Canary Wharf

Tube: Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line)
DLR: Canary Wharf; Heron Quay
The governments of the UK has authorised the Chilean vessel ‘Esmeralda’ to visit its ports from 26th-30th of August 2015. In September 1973, the vessel ‘Esmeralda’ was used for the large-scale systematic torture of Chilean citizens by the military authorities which seized power in Chile following the 11 September 1973 coup d’état.

It was also in this vessel that the British citizen Michael Woodward died following his savage torture by members of the Chilean Navy
Under the European Convention on Human Rights, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the International Convention against Torture and Degrading Treatment and Articles 1, 12 and 16 (concerning human rights) of the Association Agreement concluded between Chile and the European Union, no European government should authorise the above-mentioned Chilean training ship to visit its ports.

Join us to demand justice for its victims and show the world we haven’t forgotten the atrocities committed aboard the Esmeralda.

Compañero Roger Bevan, Presente!!

indexThe Chilean community in the UK is shocked at the news that Roger Bevan, the UNISON Swansea region organiser has tragically passed away.

We offer our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to Roger’s family and to the UNISON and its members at this difficult time.

 Roger will be always remembered by our community for his passion in denouncing the human rights atrocities of Pinochet’s dictatorship in our country and for his support for Cuba and Palestine solidarity movements.

 Compañero Roger Bevan, Presente!

Chile Scda


Vigilia en conmemoración de los 42 años del golpe militar, Sheffield.

A prepararse para el Homenaje a los cr@s asesinad@s y desaparecid@s por la dictadura de Pinochet.

        ¡¡Nunca Más!!

En el 42 Aniversario del comienzo de la masacre neoliberal
Homenaje a los cr@s asesinad@s por la dictadura de Pinochet
Viernes 11 de septiembre desde las 12:00 hasta las 13:30
. Sheffield Town Hall
¡A romper la inercia! ¡Organiza el material! ¡¡Corre la voz!!
¡¡A prepararse para que todo Sheffield y el mundo lo sepa!!

El Comité Nacional de Huelga de Hambre de los ex Prisioneros Políticos de Chile y Familiares:

Foto0203-760x4701506.2015. Informa al país que hemos reiniciado la huelga de hambre iniciada el viernes pasado en la sede del PS en
Santiago y que fue interrumpida por la represión en contra nuestra de la directiva de dicho partido.
No podemos sino denunciar la actitud de la dirección del PS de Chile que, en vez de acoger a los
luchadores sociales y militantes del partido socialista, dignos continuadores de la obra del presidente
Allende, respondió con la expulsión de los 7 huelguistas por las Fuerzas especiales de Carabineros y el
encarcelamiento en los calabozos de la 3ª comisaría de Santiago.

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Public Meeting: Fighting Occupation, with Iyad Burnat

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
in co-operation with Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK)

Fighting Occupation

A rare opportunity to hear Iyad Burnat of the Bil’in Popular Committee
7.15pm Monday 15 June, Quaker Meeting House
Iyad Burnat (above), a farmer by trade, is the head of the popular committee in Bil’in, a West Bank village fighting land theft. Iyad’s brother, Emad, is the film maker behind 5 Broken Cameras.

Amnesty International on Israel: the limits of the human rights lobby

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Paul de Rooij in Sheffield

7.30pm Tuesday 7th July 2015
Quaker Meeting House,
10 St. James’ St. Sheffield S1 2EW

‘Pushing for the observance of human rights doesn’t necessarily imply that one will obtain justice. The human rights agenda merely softens the edges of the status quo. As Amnesty’s position on the Israeli attacks on Gaza illustrates, pushing human rights can actually be incompatible with obtaining justice.’
Paul de Rooij, Counterpunch 8th May 2015

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